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Project Description

Website Design and Development for Established Seattle Intellectual Property Law Firm

With over 88 years of experience in the intellectual property legal sphere, the lawyers at COJK have earned a solid reputation for excellent work. They approached us looking for a sophisticated website that could properly showcase the depth of their expertise and company history.

Website Design Inspiration

One goal of the homepage design was to immediately convey a sense of “innovation” to viewers—after all, innovation is one of the COJK team’s primary values. We opted for full-panel scrolling on the homepage which allowed us to deliver blocks of information to viewers in a modern, memorable way.

Our designers pulled in the pear green from the logo to act as an accent color throughout the site. This hue is offset beautifully with the professional gray tones used as background and link colors.

The Practice Areas homepage panel features attractive iconography that highlights the company’s specialties, while the Practice Areas overview page keeps things simple and highly navigable. Practice Area detail pages are intuitvely laid out and link off to relevant attorney detail pages.

Bold blocks of white space are used in the main navigation menu and throughout the site as content block backgrounds—this judicious use of white space makes text areas attractive, modern, and easy to read.

Website Development Successes

We wanted to make user journeys across COJK’s site simple and enjoyable. To make the full-panel scrolling on the homepage as intuitive as possible, we included navigational arrows that “jump” users up and down the page. We also featured similar arrows for all horizontal sliders.

Likewise on the UX front, the main navigation “mega menu” features a “Practice Areas” dropdown that gives visitors an at-a-glance view of COJK’s many practice areas and industries. On the Professionals page, our team built in advanced filtering options that make it easy for users to browse attorneys by name, specialty, or keyword. Similar filters are available on the “News” page—a key feature here considering COJK’s posts go back almost a decade.

Lastly, by leveraging the functionality and cusomization opportunities provided by our proprietary content management system, FusionCMS, our team was able to establish relationships between different areas of the site—Practice Areas, Professionals, News. For instance, as noted above, the Practice Areas detail pages feature dropdown lists of lawyers working in each area—these lists can be updated dynamically by COJK's team with a few simple clicks.

Navigating the world of intellectual property law may be tough, but the same should never be said for navigating a website. We were pleased to build a site for COJK that’s both fun to explore and easy to use.

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