Far East Sails

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Project Description

Website Redesign for PNW Based Business Far East Sails

Company Overview

Far East Sails is a manufacturer for custom sails. Just like a suit needs to be tailored unique to an individual, Far East Sails believes that a sail should be unique to a sailor and their vessel. 

Project Objectives

Just as Far East Sails focuses on custom, unique sails -- our team focuses on designing custom, unique websites for our clients based on their industry and digital marketing goals. With this particular site we really wanted to showcase the vast amount of knowledge and credibility this company has in their industry, giving a user enough information before requesting a quote or filling out a contact form. 

Design Notes

The previous design of Far East Sails did not lend itself to showing off the beautiful creations by Michael. He had an abundance of beautiful imagery from his happy clients, so we wanted to create a site that would show it off. 

The design of the site is image heavy to show off the beautiful products produced, while keeping it informational with all the specifics needed. Since there are different kinds of sails and specific sizes, measurements, and styles, we guided the user into four main categories of sails before providing further info and ultimately guiding them to contact.
Since all the sails are custom designed and made, the main call to action throughout the site is “Request a Quote.” The CTA is consistently placed in red throughout the site, from the homepage to each of the sail pages. This allows the user to reach out at any moment of their buying journey. 


With new photos and sails coming in all the time, we wanted to make sure that the team at Far East Sails could easily update their site. We built the site on FusionCMS, a content management system that is designed modularly which benefits both the end user and the website owner. The team can easily update the site and make changes, while the end user has a seamless experience, with all aspects tied together.



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