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Project Description

An Intuitive Website for a State of the Art Product

Human Inc operates with the desire to create human centric products that work. They share in this belief: "We believe tech can be more natural and intuitive. By re-imagining headphones, we can break from the constraints of yesterday and innovate something that surprises and delights."

They've created Human Headphones, which are state of the art headphones built with the user in mind. The wealth of knowledge the team at Human possess among their team and board is all but equal to the passion that the team holds for creating a beautiful and functional product.

Project Objectives

This was the first website to ever publish the headphones, so we’ve been working quietly and secretly with the team to create a beautiful new website. As a startup, we were excited to work with them on such a cornerstone aspect of their business. The site needed to be powerful, efficient, and user centric. We worked on multiple iterations of the site to meet the objectives of the Human team as their goals and timelines changed.

Website Design & Development Efforts

The main goal of the site was to use it as a platform to show off the intuitive and human-centric nature of the product. Since this is a digitally native brand, we needed to make sure their content was flexible and able to tell their product story.

We built the website on FusionCMS to allow for a headless commerce approach. This decoupling of the content and commerce allowed for interactivity on the site that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. We feature close up photos of the product, as well as videos and interactive scrolls to show people using the headphones and give a sense of how easy they are to use. The lifestyle imagery and clean colors show off the human centric nature of the product, while the intuitive scrolls and video show off the innovative nature of the product.

The eCommerce part of the website is powered by BigCommerce, which allowed for a smooth one page checkout. This also allowed us to include multiple payment options including Affirm, which allows for monthly payments, Paypal, Visa Checkout, and GooglePay. With multiple options, we reduce the barrier to entry.

The team at Human Inc are setting a new precedent for how the world will think about headphones and we can’t wait to see them grow.


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