Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

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Project Description

Menu Listing Website in Both Chinese and English for International Chain of Hot Pot Restaurants

Little Sheep Hot Pot brings friends and families together to share in a 1000-year-old culinary tradition: Mongolian hot pot. Hot pot is a singularly social meal during which diners cook vegetables, noodles and meats in a pot of simmering broth in the center of their table. Akin to fondue, hot pot is both communal and individualistic—the shared pot ties the experience together while individuals can cook each item to their own desired firmness.

Little Sheep has grown substantially over the last 30 years; they have restaurant locations all over the world, with more than 30 of those locations in North America alone.

Project Objectives

When Little Sheep approached our team, they wanted a website that could better reach out to a broad American audience and tell their story. They also wanted to put the limelight on their mouth-watering imagery which has the power to show visitors what the Mongolian hot pot experience is all about in the most immediate way possible.

Another main goal was to make it easier for users to find local Little Sheep restaurants, and to have a website accessible for English and Chinese speakers alike.

Website Design and Development Successes

From a design standpoint, our team made sure the Little Sheep website stands out from the crowd by having a deep gray background color act as the foundational element for each page. Bold white typography contrasts brilliantly with this hue, allowing text content to both pop and remain highly legible across the site. We also employed the logo’s poppy-red hue for accent pieces, incorporating it into iconography and outlines for call-to-action buttons.

To make the imagery shine, we included plenty of space for full-width imagery, particularly in the above-the-fold masthead areas. We also created cut outs of their menu items to give a sense of cohesion across all “Menu” pages and to help the imagery stand stark against the gray background.

We built this website on FusionCMS, a content management system that makes it easy to scale up content as a company grows. When Little Sheep adds additional locations, for instance, Fusion will accommodate each additional entry and guarantee the styling on the front end matches that of all other location items.

In terms of making individual restaurants easier to find, we added a special “Locations” area on the website; herein, users can quickly find information about all of Little Sheep's locations around North America. These pages includes sections that clearly display store hours, menus, addresses, contact info, and happy hour specials.

We also incorporated translation functionality across the website to accommodate the request to have each page available in both English and Chinese.

In addition to these items, we created a fun-to-navigate About page template, a blog space, and custom contact forms.

Project Type:

Restaurant Website


Food and Beverage




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