Monaco Motorsports

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Project Description

eCommerce Website Design for Luxury Carbon Fiber Parts Company

Monaco Motorsports is based in Los Angeles but draws inspiration from the elevated style of Monaco. They provide carbon fiber aftermarket parts for those who own a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes. They pride themselves on the quality of their carbon fiber parts and their status as a go-to place for those who have a passion for luxury European automobile aesthetics.

Project Objectives

Since Monaco Motorsports loves that luxury aesthetic in their vehicles, we wanted to give their website the same level of attention to design. Our main goals included:

  • Create a modern and updated design for their website
  • Improve the overall user experience so visitors can easily find the products they need and ones they didn’t even know they needed

Website Design

We had worked with Monaco Motorsports before on Ad and Email design which helped us understand the style that was at the heart of their company. When they came to us to design a website, we knew how to communicate that modern feel and make their site function better for their customers.

Website Build

For the Monaco Motorsports website, we combined a few different tools to give them all the features they needed. The main platform was BigCommerce but we also incorporated Signifyd for fraud prevention, POWR for seamless pop-up integration, and Google Shopping for their PPC program.

We’re happy to be continuing to work with Monaco Motorsports on their PPC Management for Google and Facebook/Instagram as well as ongoing SEO services.

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