Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs LLP

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Project Description

Professional Service Website for Law Firm Specializing in Transactional, Litigation, and Regulatory Services for Businesses

Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs is a mid-sized firm offering services to businesses operating in various industries, including technology, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing. Though their team is 70-lawyers strong, they focus on developing the kinds of personal relationships found at boutique firms, helping businesses worldwide achieve their objectives and “exceed their own expectations.”

Website Design and Development Efforts

When PHRD first came to efelle, they brought with them a dated website that lacked the kind of focus, precision, and attention to detail their team brings to the work they carry out on behalf of clients every day. Having already undergone some rebranding efforts, they wanted to modernize the rest of their online presence with a website that intersected style and functionality.

Our team took PHRD’s updated brand guidelines and completely transformed the firm’s website. Having moved away from the stuffy blues and golds characteristic of their prior brand assets, their new website makes strong use of newly on-brand charcoals and reds.

Our team not only helped pare down the PHRD's content, we also designed room for that content to breathe. Ample white space acts as a structural foundation for the entire site design, and bold, large font sizes improve user experience through enhanced readability. The site architecture is clean and easy to navigate, and the user is always within quick reach of a clean, three-lined hamburger menu that'll help get them to every corner of the site.

The service overview pages are also a significant improvement, featuring tabbed navigation options to keep each page bright, simple, and short. All service detail pages can be accessed from these tabbed spaces and are themselves vivid, bold, and flexible.

Likewise, the landing pages for the locations and industries sections of the website are short and sweet, acting as wayfinding touch points to guide the user journey without overwhelming the eye.

For this project, our design and development efforts included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • A homepage theme
  • An about page theme that’s well sectioned to accommodate a variety of content types and information
  • Service category, subcategory, and detail pages
  • Industry overview and detail pages with staff profile tie-ins
  • Staff landing and results pages with advanced filtering options; staff detail pages with flexible content areas to house as much or as little information as required
  • Locations overview and detail pages
  • A blog space featuring advanced search and filtering options
  • Custom contact forms

In addition to our web design and development work, we consulted with the client on content creation and brand messaging, super-charging their website with SEO-friendly copy and on-page optimization services.

We built this website on FusionCMS, a highly customizable content management system that makes it easy to tie different areas of a website together while keeping the content update process as simple as possible.

Project Type:

Professional Service Website




Seattle, WA


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