Project Honey Bee

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Project Description

eCommerce Website to Save the Bees!

roject Honey Bees is on a mission to save the bees! They’ve partnered with UC Davis, the nation’s #1 school of agriculture, to work on projects that protect engaged honey bees. They’ve saved over 700,000 honey bees and are passionate about saving even more. In fact, you can adopt your own honey bee through the project so that you can feel directly connected to protecting this important part of our agriculture and ecosystem. Plus, you can get really cute bee jewelry when you adopt a bee. It’s great for a gift or just for yourself.

Project Objectives

When the subject is honey bees, you have lots of fun colors and visuals to work with. Project Honey Bee really wanted their website to create a unique brand identity for them. That meant our design team was able to have some fun with the look of their new website. Our main goals included:

  • Create a unique, fun brand identity through the website and the visuals
  • Design icons and gifs for use on the website

Website Design

Our design team had a lot of fun with the visuals on this website. In particular, they got to create unique icons and gifs to be used on various pages of the site.

Website Build

Project Honey Bees was already using Shopify so we decided to keep things simple and continue using Shopify. We were able to help with some app recommendations and created a more defined flow to the site for them. It really was a matter of taking what was working and improving on the things that needed adjustments.

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