Rebel Heart Coffee

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Project Description

eCommerce Website Design for Western Washington Coffee Shop

Rebel Heart Coffee, established by Nicole Rixon, has grown into a key part of the Port Angeles community. It stands as a reflection of Nicole's journey, combining local heritage with a focus on quality. Today, Nicole's passion fuels Rebel Heart Coffee's two locations, where the focus extends beyond beverages to making a difference in the community, ensuring each cup not only tastes good but also does good.

Project Objectives

For this eCommerce website design, our main goals included: Updating the design to match their bright, colorful style with playful illustrations Adding capabilities for selling coffee and merchandise, including subscriptions Customizing the BigCommerce theme for a non-traditional eCommerce look Emphasizing family and community values in the site's design and content

Website Design

For the design of this eCommerce website, our team embraced the client's bright and playful branding. We infused the website with bright colors, cheerful illustrations that reflect the family-owned coffee shop's personality. Careful attention was paid to ensure the design not only resonated with the brand's aesthetic but also enhanced user experience, making it inviting and easy to navigate.

Website Build

This website was developed on BigCommerce, tailored to include eCommerce features for selling coffee and merchandise, including subscription services. Our team customized a BigCommerce theme to avoid a generic eCommerce appearance, ensuring the website represents the brand while maintaining essential online store functionalities.

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