Rogers Towers

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Project Description

As Florida’s largest law firm and a long history dating back to 1905, Rogers Towers is a household name in the legal world. The firm holds to maintaining the strong family ethic that has defined the firm over their century of work which is exemplified in the fact that several of the firm’s clients have been with Rogers Towers for more than 30 years, a testament to the firm’s stable environment. With such a long history and large credibility, Rogers Towers required a website that matched their professionalism, tradition, and commitment to their clients not only in Jacksonville, but all over.

By managing their site through our law firm website content management system, LawFirmFusion, the firm is able to control and manage all their website content easily. This also allows for Rogers Towers to easily maintain their Staff Module, adding and editing the over 55 employees located at 5 offices throughout Jacksonville. They also utilize our built-in-SEO, which increases the visibility of service offerings throughout the web and allowing for future-clients to easily be guided to the website when they search on sites like Google.


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