Rupert Rodney

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Project Description

Website Design for Business Consulting Firm

Rupert Rodney is a business consulting firm that provides business strategy, branding strategy, and business development solutions. The head of Rupert Rodney, Alexander Michael Gittens, is an acclaimed author, speaker and strategist. He has created billions of dollars worth of solutions for over 400 businesses in every corner of the globe.

Project Objectives

This website needed to convey what Rupert Rodney can do for businesses but also how professional and detail-oriented the company is. Our main goals included:

  • Develop a website that is professional, precise, elite, and elegant
  • Allow for a fully customizable site with the ability to edit as needed

Website Design

The Rupert Rodney website was built in FusionCMS. It’s simple and elegant, yet also roburt. It showcases Alexander’s services, experience, and level of expertise.

Website Build

FusionCMS also allowed for the customization that we wanted for the site and gave the client an easy way to edit when needed.

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