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Project Description

eCommerce Website Design & Development for Salus Saunas

The team at Salus Saunas is truly passionate about the benefits of saunas on a person's health. From traditional to infrared saunas, there is a sauna for everyone and the Salus team works with each of their clients to make sure they find the best solution. 

Project Objectives

Salus Saunas came to us without the ability to sell online. They do a lot of their marketing and selling at home shows, but wanted to give their consumers the ability to reach out after meeting them or hearring referrals from friends. With that in mind, we wanted to create an online space that mirrored the experience of meeting the friendly and helpful Salus team at a home show. 


Rebrand & Logo 

The project began with a logo redesign for the Salus Saunas team. After our first brainstorming session we decided to work around the ideas of health, wellness, balance, warmth, and friendliness. Our team created two concepts featuring the use of serif and sans serif fonts, as well as a new icon for the Salus team to consider. The chosen concept features a san serif font in a new bright and vibrant turquoise, with a copper gold icon that portrays luxury and tranquility. 

Brand Personas 

Our next step was to create brand personas for the ideal buyer of Salus Saunas. Being new in the eCommerce space, we needed to consider a different audience that may be purchasing online instead of attending a home show. Our strategy team researched to present three target markets, which then guided our team in our design, calls to action, and content strategy. 

eCommerce Website Design 

Taking the step into eCommerce was a new path for the Salus team, so we had to rethink the structure and design of the website. The new site was designed to be informational, with CTA’s to shop, as well as learn more about the products to educate the users. 

We created a guided user narrative throughout the site that would walk through any roadblocks that a buyer may face. The site walks through all the benefits of the different types of saunas, the reasons to choose Salus, an energy consumption calculator, the numerous positive reviews of the Salus team, and finally, a CTA to contact the team if the user has further questions. 

eCommerce Development

We wanted to build the Salus Saunas site on a powerful platform that would grow with their business as they began to grow sales online. With that in mind, we built the site on BigCommerce. 

With a new shopping component on the site, we built out more robust product category and product detail pages. The category pages feature product filtering for the different types of saunas, different styles, and pricing. The product detail pages provide large, high quality images of the saunas so that the users can see all different angles of the sauna. The product pages also walk through specific descriptions of each style, benefits of shopping with Salus, and features unique to the product, as well as the specs. The page ends with product reviews and recommendations, pulled in through Elfsight.



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