Steve's Leaves

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Project Description

eCommerce Website

Steve's Leaves specializes in high-demand and rare plant breeds that plant lovers covet. They’re particularly known for their auctions where people are eager to see and buy their products.

Project Objectives

Steve's Leaves has been around since the 1970s and wanted a strong eCommerce website to show off both the unique products available and the depth of the team’s plant knowledge.

Website Design

For this design, Steve's Leaves wanted a unified color palette with a focus on plant imagery. However, we all wanted to avoid the stark white that competitors seemed to gravitate towards.

We were able to move the products “above the fold” for higher website conversions and elevated the “Staff Picks” sections to show off more of the team's knowledge.

Our design team also updated the logo tagline, created unique icons, and redesigned their Mailchimp newsletter template to match the new website look.

Website Build

Steve's Leaves was built on Shopify Plus to make sure the eCommerce set-up worked for their team. We also integrated a lot of different apps on their website without making it seem disjointed.

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