Browser and OS Support

What we support

We design and build for the following browsers and operating systems (OS). This list may be subject to change without notice. 

Last revision performed on February 28, 2018.

The term "supported versions" refers to stable releases being maintained by their respective developers. This does not include RC, alpha, beta, or dev releases, which are not supported.

Windows 7 and newer:

  • Internet Explorer: 11
  • Edge: last 2 supported versions
  • Chrome: last 2 supported versions
  • Firefox: last 2 supported versions

Mac OS X Maverick and newer:

  • Safari: 7+
  • Chrome: last 2 supported versions
  • Firefox: last 2 supported versions

iOS7 and newer:

  • Safari: 7+,
  • Chrome: last 2 supported versions

Android 4.4 and newer:

  • Chrome: last 2 supported versions 
  • Firefox: last 2 supported versions 

For more information on browser version status:

What we do not support

  • IE10 and under. As of January 12, 2016 Microsoft announced the end of support for IE10, IE9 and IE8. As such, we will not test in or support legacy compatibility for these browsers.
  • Any browser or browser version on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OSX 10.6-10.8 and below. Microsoft and Apple have officially ended all support for these versions of their OS, resulting in a halt of browser updates from all parties.
  • Custom browsers by phone manufacturers or custom in-app browsers.
  • Other mobile browsers (ex. Opera mobile, Dolphin, UC Browser, etc...) may or may not work and will be untested.

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