How Much Does a Website Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?


Oftentimes when you search this question, you get a huge range… anywhere from “Get Your Website in a Week for Just $149!” to “Working with a creative agency begins at $90,000 for any engagement.” Which often leaves you in the middle thinking… “so how much will MY website cost?”

We’ll list more specific pricing later, but we do want to explain a few of the main items that determine your website’s cost. We’ll provide a list of questions further on that will help you decide a better range for your website, but in the meantime, here are a few of the factors we take into account when building a website. 

  • Design. There’s a major cost difference between a template vs. a customized template vs. a fully custom website. 
  • Functionality. When it comes to functionality, there are some needs, like selling products, that require more development work, which takes more time and more money. 
  • Content. The number of pages, words, photos, and videos needed for the site all take time to be designed, optimized, and added to your site.
  • Marketing & SEO. How you choose to approach it and how much needs to be done will change the price.
  • Experience. Just as becoming an expert in your own field took time, training, and hard work, the same comes for web design and digital marketing. Choosing an experienced and reputable company will cost more because they’re able to provide a lot more value. 


*If eCommerce, consider at least a 10% price increase

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A Deeper Understanding of Website Costs:

We understand you’re the expert in your field, which, is probably not website design and development or digital marketing, and that’s okay because you’ve got people like us. We oftentimes hear “we don’t know what we don’t know,” when it comes to website needs and how much they might cost.
So, we put together a list of questions to ask yourself to better understand the increasing costs. For each question you answer “yes” to, you can safely add a little bit more time and money to your project, and if it involves “how many” in the question, you can assume the higher you go, there will be an increase in costs.

Website Design 

Are you rebranding? Do you need a logo as well? How many pages do you need to be designed? Do you want a custom design made specifically for your business? 


Do you want any robust functionality like logins, parallax scrolling, or hidden pages? Do you want more interactivity throughout the site? Do you want optimized page speed? 


Do you need to sell on your website? How many products do you have? Do you need specific functionality for your products like choosing colors, adding details, or bundling? Do you want to add other apps to your site to optimize the experience and increase conversions? 


Do you need new content for your website? Are you going to be adding new pages to your website? Do you need a copywriter for your website? 

Marketing & SEO

Do you need your website to be optimized for SEO? Are you hoping to grow your website traffic? Do you want more people on your website?

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Our experienced design team creates custom, branded websites using web design best practices, and strategic marketing tactics to make sure your website is effective in reaching your goals. 

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While using data is at the heart of all of our strategy and marketing recommendations, there is a crucial piece of the puzzle that makes a perfect strategy. An experienced and knowledgable Digital Account Strategist to make custom recommendations for your ever-changing business needs. 

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There is a unique and custom strategy for eCommerce, starting with the cornerstone of a branded and strategically designed and build eCommerce website. 

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Search engine optimization, pay-per-click, inbound marketing, social media marketing... we do it all, and it all starts with a digital marketing strategy built around your goals. 

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Our dedicated in-house team of front-end and back-end developers will ensure your project is in sync with all the latest technologies and formatted to today's web standards. 

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We partner with you to learn about your brand, understand your value propositions, and share your story with the right audience for optimum effectiveness. 

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Our talented team of Visual Designers work to help create a cohesive brand - from a logo redesign to digital ad creation. 

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We help you decided the best CMS for you to make sure your website is powerful, yet easy to update. 

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