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Project Description

New eCommerce Website Design for Indiana-based Retail Art Supply Company

Headquartered in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, AMACO, a leading ceramic art supply manufacturer, has been synonymous with premium pottery wheels, glazes, and educational resources since 1919. For over a century, they have embodied values of safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. AMACO's legacy of innovation and excellence continues to inspire artists and educators worldwide, shaping the future of ceramic artistry for generations.

Project Objectives

For this eCommerce website redesign, our main goals included:

  • Enhancing user engagement with more dynamic & interactive design elements
  • Revamping the color palette & fonts for a whimsical/ fun aesthetic
  • Improving product showcasing & categorization for easier navigation
  • Increasing product detail content to tell compelling product stories & highlight expertise
  • Implementing user-friendly content management tools to streamline website updates for administrators

Website Design

For the design of this eCommerce website, our design team set out to infuse it with vibrant energy and captivating motion, which aligned with AMACO's vision for a more engaging user experience. Incorporating whimsical fonts and a dynamic color palette, we transformed the static elements of the old site into interactive features that draw visitors in, reflecting the client's lively spirit and commitment to creativity. To showcase their extensive product line more effectively, we implemented a comprehensive categorization system, making it easier for end users to navigate and explore. Additionally, we focused on enhancing product detail content on individual pages, allowing AMACO to tell compelling product stories and highlight their expertise. By creating dedicated landing pages for products and customizing the homepage to highlight key offerings, we ensured that visitors are immediately drawn to the most relevant and enticing content. Updating the layout and introducing playful design elements created a visually stimulating environment that not only informs shoppers but resonates with artists, educators, and enthusiasts alike.


Website Build

This website was developed on FusionCMS, a robust content management system chosen for its flexibility and ease of use. Leveraging the power of FusionCMS, we tailored the website to cater to AMACO’s specific needs, ensuring effortless content management for administrators. Additionally, we integrated BigCommerce to facilitate effortless eCommerce functionality, providing a smooth shopping experience for customers while empowering the client with powerful tools for product management and sales tracking.

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Project Type:

eCommerce Website Redesign


Art Supplies




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