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Project Description

Website Design for Montana-based Consulting Business

Cary Toepke brings his deep understanding of team dynamics from both the sports field and the business world. With a background as a CPA and President of Richland Economic Development, Cary specializes in enhancing workplace performance through effective communication and team collaboration. His consulting business leverages these insights to help organizations succeed by fostering high-performing teams and boosting productivity.

Project Objectives

For this website design, our main goals included:

  • Establishing a clear and professional online presence for the new business
  • Creating a simple and easily navigable website
  • Conveying a positive, optimistic, and creative brand image that fosters connection
  • Ensuring the website is easy to update and maintain

Website Design

For the design of this website, our design team focused on creating a clean, simple, and easy-to-navigate interface that aligns with their desire to be seen as positive, optimistic, and creative. We developed a cohesive brand package that included a new logo, color palette, and font choices, all designed to convey a sense of connection. Additionally, we provided business card mockups to ensure the branding was consistent across all materials.

Website Build

This website was developed on WordPress, a content management system known for its user-friendly interface and flexibility. WordPress was the ideal choice for this project as it allows them to easily update and maintain their site without needing expert knowledge. The platform supports various features that showcase the new business effectively, ensuring that the site remains dynamic and engaging as the business grows.

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Project Type:

Professional Services Website Design




Missoula, MT


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