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Project Description

Law Firm Rebrand for Cochran Douglas Law

Cochran Douglas Law Firm consists of a dynamic duo who acquired a law firm in the Tacoma area and have done a complete rebrand. They provide a smaller and more personal touch to their clients, taking cases from complex sex abuse to vehicle personal injuries. Each member of the team brings many years of experience in law practice. 

Project Objectives

The firm came to efelle with the goal of a full scale rebrand, including everything from the logo to the website to their new business cards. We started the process of the logo redesign, then began the website design and worked to also create business assets including new business cards and signs for the office. They were looking to create a new site that was clean and professional, as well as personal and interactive. 

Law Firm Logo Design 

We looked at a number of different logo concepts as inspiration for their new logo, as they didn’t have one to redesign. The goals of the new logo were to establish a new brand identity, convey a sense of trust & empathy, and stand apart from their competitors. We initially created the logo icon of the shield and established the colors in the first round, with the final logo concept approved after a round of revisions to make sure it perfectly reflected the brand the Cochran Douglas team was hoping to achieve. 

Law Firm Website Design 

With a deep understanding of the brand and a new logo to base the design on, we began work on the website homepage design. One of the main goals of the website was to create a look that was clean and professional but not blocky and impersonal. We used large and personal images to show that the team at Cochran Douglas is trustworthy and open to helping their clients. Throughout the site we also used modern fonts and created custom icons to display their services. 

On the homepage and throughout the site we made sure that the calls to action were obvious throughout the site. We used the red from their logo as an accent color to highlight their phone number in the menu navigation, and their footer features a contact form at the bottom of most of their pages. 

Website Development

We built the site on FusionCMS with the goal of making it really easy for the team to update. The site is built with best user experience in mind, with the site being interconnected throughout, from the service pages pulling in info to the attorney pages and testimonials being pulled in throughout the site. 

With a history of winning cases, they wanted to be able to easily update the news section of their site as well as the “Results” section of their site. As cases progress and are won, they can provide updates on their site to build trust and show off their skills. On the backend, they’re able to easily add results, by dropping photos in and adding text in the WYSIWYG with it automatically formatting when they publish it. 


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