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Project Description

eCommerce Web Design for Seattle-based Salvage Thrift Store

Earthwise, founded by Kurt Petrauskas in 1991, has grown from humble beginnings in a garage into a prominent architectural salvage business with multiple locations across Washington state. Originating from Kurt's vision to rescue and repurpose architectural elements destined for the landfill, Earthwise has become known for sustainable building practices and vintage materials. With its headquarters in Seattle and branches in Tacoma, Aberdeen, and Kenmore, the company stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of respecting the past to sustain the future.

Project Objectives

For this eCommerce website redesign, our main goals included:

  • Integrating eCommerce functionality seamlessly with ThriftCart
  • Mirroring the vintage feel of physical stores in the website design
  • Enhancing online revenue potential through improved UX and SEO
  • Providing an authentic and clean custom WordPress design

Website Design

For the design of this eCommerce website, our design team focused on creating an online experience that reflects the authentic, vintage atmosphere of Earthwise's physical stores. We embraced a clean yet classic aesthetic, incorporating elements that convey a modern twist on traditional goods. Our goal was to make users feel as though they are browsing through a treasure trove of unique, historical items, ensuring that the website's visual narrative aligns with Earthwise's mission of selling not just products, but pieces of history.


Website Build

This website was developed on WordPress, a content management system renowned for its flexibility and ease of integration. Utilizing ThriftCart as the eCommerce solution was pivotal, as it is specifically tailored for thrift stores and provides robust capabilities for inventory management and sales processing. This integration ensures a seamless transition from online browsing to in-store purchasing, critical for a business dealing with unique and rare items. The WordPress and ThriftCart combination not only enhances the customer experience with smooth navigation and straightforward purchase process but also scales effectively as Earthwise's online presence and inventory fluctuate.

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Project Type:

eCommerce Website Redesign


Salvage Services/Thrift Store


Seattle, WA


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