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Project Description

eCommerce Web Design for Minnesota-based Outdoor Apparel and Equipment Company

Based in Winona, Minnesota, Enlightened Equipment has carved a niche for itself as a specialist in lightweight camping gear, with ultra-light backpacking at its core. With a keen focus on ultralight sleeping quilts, apparel, and a standout line of insulated gear and rain jackets, they utilize state-of-the-art materials that set their products apart. They offer a unique blend of custom-made and ready-to-ship items that appeal to their wide audience of outdoor enthusiasts seeking quality and innovation.

Project Objectives

For this eCommerce website redesign, our main goals included:

  • Streamlining the sitemap to improve clarity in displaying stock/custom items & verbiage
  • Enhancing focus on wholesale/dealers aspects & highlighting material quality with embedded video & detailed product info
  • Optimizing for a mobile-first design, improving site speed, SEO, user experience, & simplifying product options
  • Integrating their blog

Website Design

For the design of this eCommerce website, our design team focused on a strategic overhaul to ensure clarity and ease of navigation, particularly distinguishing between stock and custom items. We prioritized a more intuitive, mobile-first user interface that highlights the company's commitment to quality materials and innovation in outdoor gear. By embedding video and adding detailed product explanations, we aimed to enrich the customer's shopping experience. We also integrated their blog, making the site not only more engaging but also more approachable.


Website Build

This website's development leveraged the power of BigCommerce, capitalizing on Enlightened Equipment existing familiarity with the eCommerce platform to streamline the transition and enable straightforward content management. By leveraging BigCommerce, we were able to easily implement custom product options and visuals, crucial for showcasing Enlightened Equipment's unique range of ultralight outdoor gear. The platform's flexibility allowed us to introduce detailed product pages with embedded videos and additional information, such as explanations of specific features, enhancing the online shopping experience. Furthermore, focusing on a mobile-first design ensured that their site is not only user-friendly but accessible by more than just desktop users. This approach supports Enlightened Equipment's goal to be more approachable and less technical, catering to a wider audience of outdoor enthusiasts.


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Project Type:

eCommerce Website Redesign


Outdoor Gear




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