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Project Description

Professional Services Web Design for Medical Legal Strategy Firm

Juris Medicus (IMS | JM) is a leading medical expert sourcing firm dedicated to assisting litigators with personal injury and catastrophic cases. With over a decade of experience, they have provided strategic expert witness services for more than 15,000 cases, utilizing a network of over 500 medical experts across 85+ specialties. Their merger with IMS Legal Strategies has further strengthened their capabilities, offering clients comprehensive legal consulting and cutting-edge visual advocacy. This collaboration ensures clients receive top-tier support and resources for their most critical cases.

Project Objectives

For this website redesign, our main goals included:

  • Reflecting the new IMS brand architecture with updated branding
  • Echoing design aspects from IMS Legal’s website to convey their partnership and cohesive brand identity
  • Transitioning from the .net to the .com web address for better brand recognition and consistency
  • Providing an easy way to update and manage specialties and subspecialties pages

Website Design

For the design of this website, our design team drew inspiration from the new IMS Legal website to create a cohesive and professional aesthetic that clearly communicates the partnership between IMS | JM and IMS Legal. We refreshed the logo and created new icons and branding guidelines to align with the updated brand architecture. The design elements emphasize a clean, modern look that highlights the client’s extensive experience and expertise, while also showcasing their expanded portfolio of services across more than 85 specialties.


Website Build

This website was developed on FusionCMS, a content management system that offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform for easy updates and management. This choice was driven by their need to frequently update and expand their list of specialties and subspecialties. FusionCMS enables them to effortlessly add, remove, or modify content, ensuring their website remains current and accurate. This flexibility, combined with the robust capabilities of FusionCMS, allows the client to maintain a dynamic and responsive online presence that supports their ongoing growth.

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Project Type:

Website Redesign




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