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Project Description

Service Website Design for Atlanta Based Search Firm

Modern Executive Solutions provides executive search and advisory solutions. They saw an overhaul of the search industry is long overdue, and after countless conversations with C-level executives, they built Modern from the ground up with both clients and candidates in mind. 

Logo Design

Modern Executive Solutions was a new company, so we partnered with them to develop a whole new brand. This included a primary brand logo, and a family of logos (for their different branches of service), a brand guide, a website, and some marketing materials, like Powerpoint, letterhead, and business cards so that every part of their marketing was cohesive. 

Modern Executive Solutions was in need of a solid brand identity that positions the firm as an innovative, forward-thinking company leading the industry with new techniques and strategies not found traditionally with the competition. To mirror the name, we created an innovative icon that used elements of a strong foundation, with details like the angular shape formed from the negative space was carried through the bottom, subtly resembling the shape of a shield, which often represents confidence and authority. We decided upon a sans serif font that is sleek and modern, while also being classic and was legible in both smaller and larger fonts. 

Website Design 

As a new company that’s working to disrupt the executive search world, we wanted to create a site that was both informative and enticing to users. They’re an organization that is fast-paced, agile, high quality, and team-oriented. The team at Modern Executive Solutions provides a service that focuses on quality over quantity and really builds a relationship with their clients that provides value. We wanted to show that through website content and design.
In terms of website design, this meant contemporary colors, fonts, and sharp angles to show off their sleek and state-of-the-art approach. The website features a left-fold out menu that keeps navigation simple and straightforward. On the homepage, we kept content at the forefront, highlighting their process, different service paths, and testimonials to highlight why users should choose Modern Executive Solutions over other options. 

Throughout the service and solution pages, we featured an anchored side scroll, keeping the content visually exciting and engaging, and again giving a modern edge to the website. 

Website Development 

The website was built using FusionCMS to provide an easy-to-update platform that allowed for a modern and custom design. Using FusionCMS, we were able to implement the intriguing and exciting designs while still making it easy for the Modern Executive Solutions team to update. Within Fusion, they can update their services, add new team members as they grow, and easily create and update case studies and testimonials. 

We find this usability to be crucial for businesses that are fast-paced like Modern Executive Solutions, so they can spend more time serving their clients, and less time updating their website. With FusionCMS, they can easily put together a case study and drop it in the WYSIWYG spots in the backend, hit publish, and take on the next client. 

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