Nemours Center for EoE

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Project Description

Medical Website Design for Nemours Center for EoE

The gastroenterologists at Nemours Children’s Hospitals are working hard to provide unmatched clinical care and are advancing Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) innovation and research. They provide cutting edge diagnostic procedures and treatment for EoE, as well as resources and are continuously conducting research.

Website Design Objectives

As a new website that branches off from the current Nemours site, we needed to match the branding but keep the focus on relevant content. The primary audience was for parents of kids with EoE, while there was a secondary audience of medical professionals seeking out the research they were doing. That meant we needed a site that appealed to both audiences.

Website Design Notes

The team at Nemours wanted the website design to be kid friendly, yet professional and trustworthy. To do this, we combined bright, colorful images of children and youth that incorporated the blue and yellow tones of the Nemours Hospitals. We created custom EoE illustrations that we used as a pattern so we could reflect the organic cell shape while also showing a friendly and helpful vibe. 

As an information heavy website, it was important that the design made sure the information was easily found, as well as easily read online. We kept big bold headings with clean fonts to make the information easily digestible, while we complimented it with the organic cellular shapes, bright colors, and photos of kids.

We also decided upon a custom navigation that highlighted the audiences and built trust -- we specifically mentioned Patients & Families first, then showed the EoE team, shared information about Clinical Trials, had a separate tab for Researchers, and finally kept a contact button. Above the main navigation were other important links to appointments, logins, search, and a donate button.

Website Build

The site was built on FusionCMS so that it would allow for a beautiful custom design, as well as easy access for the Nemours team to be able to make updates. The website publishes clinical trials and new research so it was important for the Nemours team to have a platform that was easy to update and add new information to. 

The site also features a login for researchers who sign up for information to have access to specific areas of the site that are restricted to researchers only. This allows for a robust online platform for researchers to find what they are looking for online.

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