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Project Description

Website Design for Boise Boutique Hotel

The SPARROW in Downtown Boise offers a unique blend of modern boutique accommodations with a focus on local exploration. The hotel features guestrooms designed with locally inspired art and essentials for sightseeing, encouraging guests to discover the best of Boise.

Project Objectives

For this website design, our main goals included:

  • Creating a modern, easy-to-navigate design for quick booking
  • Highlighting the unique, locally inspired boutique aesthetic to reflect the hotel’s brand and local culture
  • Ensuring a fast turnaround for their soft opening
  • Utilizing WordPress to maintain consistency with their other hotel websites

Website Design

For the design of this website, our design team focused on creating a modern and easy-to-navigate aesthetic that aligns with The SPARROW's unique boutique identity. We incorporated locally inspired art and visuals to embody the spirit of Boise and its surroundings, ensuring that the hotel’s commitment to local culture is reflected in every aspect of the site. The design emphasizes simplicity and user-friendliness, allowing guests to quickly and effortlessly book their stay while exploring the hotel’s offerings and nearby attractions.

Website Build

This website was developed on WordPress, a content management system that aligns with their preference for consistency across all their hotel properties. WordPress supports quick updates and seamless integration with booking systems, crucial for meeting their launch deadline. The CMS allows them to manage content easily, update information, and maintain the site efficiently, providing a user-friendly platform that supports their ongoing needs.

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Project Type:

Website Launch




Boise, ID


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