Tierney Brothers

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Project Description

eCommerce Website Redesign for Tech Company          

Tierney Brothers provides interactive technology solutions that are reliable, interactive, and continually improve performance. They are committed to providing exceptional customer experience, leading with quality, and always doing the right thing. Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies, government entities, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, houses of worship, and small businesses. 


Project Objectives                

The team at Tierney Brothers was  looking to achieve three main goals with their new website. First, the overall look and feel of the website needed to be updated to represent their brand more effectively. Second, the website needed to provide useful information to their current clients and customers. And lastly, the website needed to generate leads for your corporate and government market, using Commerce to generate sales for their products they sell to K-12 and Higher Education.      

eCommerce Design 

The previous website design for Tierney did not do a great job reflecting their innovation, custom solutions, and their recent growth. We wanted to create a website that guided users in a more intuitive way for B2B buyers to feel like the site was more D2C. 

Through a combination of best practices, along with our research and collaboration we were able to develop a user path and some navigation for our users. The main users are officer managers, designers, and school district decision makers, whose age and demographics can vary, though their goals are the same. With that in mind, we focused on the different necessary information each group may require and send them through a guided narrative. 

eCommerce Development

This project was built as a headless approach using Wordpress as the Content Management System, and BigCommerce as the eCommerce engine. 

This headless approach allowed our team to design freely and input a number of important apps. We used the Facet Wordpress plugin to offer more customizable filer options for the Tierney team. We also were able to use a custom events plug-in to allow for users to register and purchase spots at the many events that the team at Tierney hosts. 


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