Robert Harvey

Development Team Lead

Y'know, two kinds of people have calendars: people who peek at next month's picture in advance and people who don't.
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Coming from a background of mostly self-taught web and coding skills, Robert is a front-end developer and head of efelle's support team. He is excited at the ability to work on a broad spectrum of websites and to take on a variety of different challenges each day, which he always sees as an opportunity to grow his skillset.


Robert was born and raised in western Washington and attended WWU in Bellingham. After working at a small, independent eCommerce store for five years, Robert moved to Seattle in 2015 to join the efelle team.


Robert likes to watch movies, play games, build models, and pretend to throw a ball to a dog (instead hiding the ball behind his back).

Unique Skill(s)

Robert is able to pick up a tennis ball with one foot.

Fun Facts

Robert was voted "Most Okayest" by his peers.

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Seattle, WA

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