Fred Lebhart

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Good enough sucks.
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As Founder and CEO of efelle creative, Fred is charged with keeping the company mission and pushing the business forward. From leading business development to participating in "project evangelism" to rolling up his sleeves for the hands-on work that goes along with day-to-day operations, Fred remains invested in all areas of the business.

Fred is also the father of adorable twins Luke (Spiderman enthusiast) and Olivia (art director in the making), 8 years old.


Fred's work experience balances business and technology: Before starting efelle, Fred worked for several years as a product specialist and account executive as well as in various other roles at a large, nationwide supply and distribution company. Following his passion for technology, Fred made the move to the InfoTech sector, joining the ranks of an international Fortune 100 company where he led multiple enterprise software implementation and roll-out efforts to locations spanning several countries. Then, in 2005, when he got tired of traveling 38 weeks out of the year, he started efelle.


Being a father to a set of boy/girl twins has been Fred's ONLY hobby for the past several years—no time for anything else.  Prior to that Fred could be found snowboarding, mountain biking, woodworking, and practicing the ancient art of Tai Chi.

Unique Skill(s)

Fred is able to perform amazing feats of strength (according to daughter, Olivia, 8). He's also the team's mechanic, pilot of various aircraft, co-captain of the internal cheerleader squad, and muller-over of really deep things.

Fun Facts

Between 2010-2012, DNA testing found that over half of fish labeled and sold as “Tuna” in the USA was NOT tuna. 87% of Red Snapper sold was also found to be completely mislabeled.

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Seattle, WA

Awards & Recognition

AVA Digit Awards, Summit International Awards, AVA Awards, W3C Awards

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