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If You're Looking to Increase Online Sales of Your Products, Consider Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the world's number one eCommerce engine and can help your company gain visibility with a large number of new customers—if you properly optimize your product listings. For a full breakdown of our Amazon-related offerings, check out our Product Marketing and Optimization Services page. Or, read on to learn more about the work our team members have completed for past clients.

Case Study 1

This client was a fresh brand with very little exposure that wanted to break into a heavily competitive marketplace. We introduced them to Amazon’s beauty category, and within the first six months, we brought their products into the top results pages for all targeted keywords. Within two years, the client had the top selling product of its type on Amazon and across North America.  Additionally, we launched a new product in March of 2018 that has accumulated a 4.8 overall star rating with over 40 reviews.

Despite the increased challenges in launching new products on Amazon in 2018, with the tactics we deployed, we were not only able to immediately start selling 20+ units a day of this client's products, we were also able to capture the top-ranked spot for many of the most competitive keywords for this product type.

Notable Statistics

  • Year-over-year sales growth: 210%
  • PPC ACoS: 26.8%
  • Seller Feedback Score: 98% last 12 months
  • Product Review: Average 4.5 star review; 4,000 reviews
  • “Best Seller” badge in respective categories




Case Study 2

This client was on the brink of being suspended on Amazon. We joined their team and identified three main areas for improvement: (1) Enroll in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA); (2) Improve listing optimization and add Enhanced Brand Content (EBC); (3) Develop an effective advertising strategy to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Notable Statistics

  • Year-over-year growth: 1,210%
  • PPC ACoS: 17%
  • Sales generated from PPC: Over $250,000
  • Seller Feedback Score: 98% positive over lifetime
  • Top 1% of sellers by sales rank




Examples of Photo/Video Services (Not Client Specific)

When done well, product images and videos are the next best thing to being able to physically touch a product. But they can also be the make-or-break factor in sales conversions! For this reason, we can't understate the importace of featuring professional, high-quality photos and videos on your product pages. We’ve been around the block when it comes to photo and video shoots, and we offer a variety of options—from simple, white background photo sets to full-blown photo/video production efforts that span several days. Our media creation team can also provide you with the digital assets you need to furnish your social media accounts, EBC/A+ content, and Amazon Storefront.

Sample Gallery

Green Protein Powder Packaging with White Background Thumbnail Link Orange Protein Powder Container with White Background Thumbnail Link Product with Packaging Close Up Thumbnail Link Product Specifications Close Up Thumbnail Link White Chairs in Attractive Environment Thumbnail Link White Chairs with Puppies Thumbnail Link White Chairs with Rain Boots Thumbnail Link Food Container Packaging Close Up 1 Thumbnail Link Food Container Packaging Close Up 2 Thumbnail Link Woman Sitting at Table Thumbnail Link Series of Colored Stools Thumbnail Link

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