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Project Description

Website Design for Real Estate and Property Management Firm Ascend Properties 

Ascend Pacific has made a name for itself in the real estate industry is a trusted leader and premium consultant. With a history of success managing construction, renovation, and real estate projects, their clients expect the best and know that they will receive it. 

Project Objectives

There were several goals of this project, with the overarching goal of producing growth and building awareness of the firm. Albert at Ascend wanted the site to serve as a concierge to intuitively guide clients to the services they are looking for. This included serving both current and new clients that we targeted using PPC and SEO strategies as well as a guided content narrative once they were on the site. 

Website Design for Real Estate and Property Management

Serving the beautiful state of Hawaii, it was crucial that we used professional and colorful photos of the area throughout the website design. This meant that the rest of the site was simple and refined, using colors and fonts to accent the natural beauty of the area. 

We began the design process with the homepage, including a large and expansive image of Hawaii, with a minimal and subtle menu, and four direct paths for users based on the different divisions of Ascend. 

The colors of the site are done in calming blue tones that are both professional and tie into the beautiful colors in the imagery chosen of Hawaii. To keep visual interest, we used backgrounds of blue below overlapped photos to give the site a clean, yet visually interesting look to it. 

One of our favorite aspects of this custom design and build is the Concierge Funnel. We created a guided "Concierge" that funnels users down to the exact service pages applicable to their needs or what they're looking to accomplish. Each service page included targeted messaging & quick contact form call-to-action. 

Website Development 

Along with the design of the concierge funnel, it was an exciting piece of custom development within the CMS. Clients can select “Get Started” and then answer questions based on their type of project, then what they’re interested in doing. From there, users are guided directly to a landing page that is specific to their needs. It provides information based specifically on how they answered their questions and includes a custom form at the bottom that notifies the Ascend team based on the page it was filled out on.

The site was built on FusionCMS which provides a powerful base of content management for the site to run off of. Along with the custom concierge functionality, they’re also able to easily update their site with new services, property information, client stories, and more. We embedded the client stories through video on the website to provide an engaging and unique experience for users to view the testimonials.

If you have any questions about this website design or something similar, feel free to contact us. 


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