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Project Description

Website Design for Seattle Area Home Builder

Conner Homes is a residential home builder and has been servicing the Northwest for 60 years. As a multi-generational, family-owned business they've dedicated themselves to building homes specific to customer needs and fitting to the environment of the area. 


Project Objectives

The previous Conner site didn’t do a great job of showcasing visually engaging content including the beautiful homes that Conner Homes builds. With their long-standing history and understanding of the Northwest, we believed their site should account for that and showcase the success of the company. 

Persona Development

We began this project by understanding the different types of buyers that would be interacting with the Conner Homes website through Persona Development. Despite being one company, the design and build neighborhoods throughout the Seattle area, meeting specific needs within each area. By understanding these diverse audiences, we were able to identify the most important pages and areas to highlight within the design itself. 

Hubspot Integration 

As a growing business, Conner Homes was looking for a better way to track their leads and communicate with their clients. With that in mind, we worked with them to find a CRM partner that would meet their needs. Hubspot is a top of the line CRM and Inbound Marketing tool that was just what the Conner Homes needed. 

Website Design 

As a premier builder of modern homes in the PNW, the Conner Homes team has a unique understanding of the area that many large-box builders don’t have. They also go the extra mile to ensure their homes are built to last and built to match their customer’s lifestyles. They called it “the Conner Difference” which was something that was inspiring to our team and that we wanted to portray on the site. 

We wanted to channel the Northwest roots throughout the website design and content. On the homepage, we designed multiple pathways for users, depending on where they may be at in the buying process. We created the call to action “Find Your Home” so that users could immediately look at the different communities with a few clicks. We also wanted to highlight the Conner difference right on the homepage by building trust and sharing resources to learn more about the history of the company and their unique approach to home building in the PNW. 

The community pages were really important to the Conner Homes team because they’re a crucial part of the buying process for their buyers. We designed these community pages to have large imagery, straightforward icons, and easily digestible content about each community. Each community has a “highlights” section that shares it’s unique attributes, with tabs to find the gallery, pricing, sitemap, features, and more, easily accessible for when the user wants to dive deeper and learn more about the neighborhood. 

Website Development 

The nature of a home building business is cyclical and neighborhoods will sell out and new ones will be built. With that in mind, it was important for the site to be easy to use for the Conner team so that they can quickly and easily add a new neighborhood, update available houses, and add new photos and videos as they come in.

We built the site on FusionCMS so that it is easy for them to be able to make those updates, along with any updates throughout the site. The team can add a new blog to share information, upload Community Care documents for current homeowners, and more. 


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