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Project Description

eCommerce Web Design for Seattle-based Interior Design Shop

Shopcat Interiors, based in Seattle, WA, began as a two-man shop with a vision of delivering high-quality, large-scale printing. Over 25 years, they have evolved into experts in Experiential Graphic Design, collaborating with architects and design firms to create personalized spaces. Inspired by the latest trends in wallcovering design and production, Shopcat Interiors aims to help homeowners and businesses craft unique and memorable environments.

Project Objectives

For this eCommerce website design, our main goals included:

  • Creating a sophisticated and upscale design while maintaining a playful element
  • Designing a new logo to match their aesthetic
  • Providing an easy to update CMS and BigCommerce integration
  • Developing a custom product detail page to accommodate a large product catalog

Website Design

For the design of this eCommerce website, our design team aimed to create a sophisticated and upscale aesthetic with a touch of playfulness. Inspired by the client's vision, we incorporated elements that reflect a balance between elegance and a lighthearted charm, reminiscent of cats. Additionally, we crafted a logo that captures their modern yet playful spirit, aligning perfectly with their brand identity.

Website Build

This website was developed on FusionCMS, a content management system chosen for its seamless integration with BigCommerce. This combination allows them to efficiently update their site while managing an extensive product catalog. One of the standout features of this build is the highly customized product detail page, tailored to enhance user experience and accommodate their large variety of durable, long-lasting wallpapers beautifully designed to fit any style.

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Project Type:

eCommerce Website Design


Interior Design


Seattle, WA


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