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Rupert Rodney

"Thanks to efelle creative, end clients have improved their ROI by 200%–500%. The team is outstandingly professional, skilled, and flexible. They’re creative and reliable; they understand KPIs and are able to translate the client’s wishes into quality work. Overall, they’re collaborative partners."
Alexander Michael Gittens
Toronto, Ontario


Rupert Rodney is a group of international management consultants.

The team at Rupert Rodney focused on driving the maximum value for their clients, by looking at the impact they create and then confidently optimizing their income and impact

"We were searching tirelessly to find a website development partner who was large and sophisticated enough to have all the workflows we needed to ensure quality but also intimate enough to understand the unique way we do business.

Our metrics for success aren’t just tied to the financial performance of our company and clients but also the depth and altitude they create for society and the communities they live in. Most website developers are familiar with putting together websites without quantitative KPIs — they just know conversion rates, abandoned carts, and so on.

We needed a company that understood that there was more to how we operate than the financial result. However, we still expected an improved outcome due to the qualitative way we operate. In summary, it was a unique challenge for any website firm because they needed to understand the ethos of our company and translate it into a product.

We work with efelle creative with a collaborative approach. They can create wonderful outcomes for clients, but they’re also willing to work as a team if it doesn’t compromise the final product. In our case, we’ve supported the UX/UI process."

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