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Channel Sales for Walmart & Hayneedle

Walmart (formerly Wal-Mart), the undisputed market leader in brick and mortar retail, is fighting ferociously to dominate online as well. Adding brands in every category is a critical part of their strategy to take the win. Because selling ANYTHING online is dramatically different than selling it in a physical store, your current traditional retail team may need a little support. efelle creative has several online retail experts on staff and a multitude of proprietary software solutions that can position your brand perfectly to take advantage of the opportunities on and Hayneedle.  

Site Performance Audit

A one-time engagement that includes six (6) hours of dedicated work from multiple efelle departments and one (1) hour of Q&A with efelle staff to discuss any or Hayneedle topics not covered in the audit.

What's included in the audit of your brand on or Hayneedle?

  • Analysis of your presence on or Hayneedle
  • Identify weaknesses and strengths
  • Find opportunities for growth and optimization
  • Provide you with a concise summary of audit findings

You will also receive one (1) or Hayneedle Competitor Research report from the category of your choice. 

General Account Management

  • Serve as primary point-of-contact
  • Create new listings and provide regular SEO and visual content updates for existing listings
  • Weekly or monthly inventory assessment, forecasting, and recommendations
  • Stay abreast of new features and their cost/benefit to the client
  • Provide robust monthly and quarterly sales, performance, and recommendation reports


  • Research, develop, and implement successful marketing calendar that encompasses:
    • Increasing the visibility of existing items
    • Successful launches of new items
    • Peak selling seasons on or Hayneedle
  • Provide robust monthly and quarterly reports detailing effectiveness of marketing calendar initiatives


Looking for a Walmart eCommerce Channels Sales Partner?

With every client, we are looking to create a partnership where we can integrate our team to create a powerful force using our combined marketing skills with your passion and knowledge of your business. If you want to learn more about our methods contact us and we can talk about how we can increase your channel sales strategy.

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