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Building your business through the web starts with custom website design. But with more than 80% of clicks happening on the first page of Google Search, a professional search engine marketing strategy is a must. That’s why we take an SEO-centric approach to every website we produce—from the design and development to the site structure and, of course, the content.

We’re search engine optimists for a reason.

SEO isn’t rocket science, but effective, long-term organic (unpaid) SEO requires a certain je ne sais quois. Luckily, we love geeking out about search engine optimization—you can bet we’re keeping an eye on Google to make sure we’re up to date on all the latest and greatest. We understand that not all website traffic is created equal, so we’ll work with you—and check out your competitors—to ensure your SEO strategy is aligned with your long-term business goals, letting you reach the right kinds of people without having to rely on pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns alone.

"Why do I need search engine optimization on my website?" 

We get asked this question a lot and it makes sense because having an effective website used to be enough. Check out this quote from one of our blog posts and click here to read the full post. 

The best way I’ve ever heard someone explain SEO is like this - your website is a house you’re selling. It’s beautiful - a craftsman style home with a newly renovated kitchen, beautiful yard, with four bedrooms and two and a half baths. You’ve been trying to sell the house and obviously it’s got some selling points built in, but you’re just not getting through to the right buyer - they’re looking for a smaller ranch style. That’s where a realtor steps in - they guide prospective buyers to your home based off of their specific needs - those looking for 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, exactly like you’re offering!  

In your website’s case - strong SEO serves as that helpful realtor. It guides people to find you based on what their specific needs are. Maybe your buyer is looking for a brewery near Pike Place market. A site with strong SEO that matches this search content will grab the hand of the searcher and show them something like Old Stove Brewing Company because it fits the requirements of being a brewery near Pike Place. When someone’s searching for a home, they often have pretty specific needs - similar to when someone is searching for your business. So rather than just putting your home out there and maybe having lots of people see it, you should use SEO/hire a realtor to get the right people to look at your home.

SEO is really just sprucing up your house and getting the right people to see it. It's not as if you are advertising something you don't do - you're helping people find what you do best! If you aren’t doing targeted search engine optimization, pay per click or content optimization, you may be missing out on quality leads or customers coming from your website.

Need help building and executing an SEO strategy?

Our SEO professionals can help you get in front of the right clients and customers through keyword-rich SEO copywriting, link building, local search marketing...and all that other stuff you’d rather not spend time learning about. Contact us today to speak with one of our internet marketing professionals to learn how you can start reaching more qualified leads!


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