Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

Website Design for Nonprofits 

Nothing beats sitting face to face to tell the unique story of your non-profit. Sharing every moment of hard work, every story of heartbreak, and every epiphany that led to that passion behind your non-profit weaves together to tell your unique story and bring in donors and members. In today’s world, much of that transaction is done over a device, meaning your business must adapt and bring your story online. 


At efelle, we love working with nonprofits to help build their member base, as well as get them in touch with those who need their services most. Facing unique challenges, nonprofits can utilize digital marketing to reach their audience and provide a plethora of information for both those donating and users in need of their services. 

How efelle can help market your Nonprofit business

Effective story-telling about your passion and non-profit through professional design can bring an emotional response to users that causes them to join your cause.

Custom Website Design for Non-Profits Include:

  • A custom design to share the story of your non-profit 
  • Site navigation based to split donators and users 
  • Calls to action throughout the site for donations
  • Blog & New module to share event and company updates

A Powerful CMS Makes it Easy to: 

  • Update your site with new events, fundraisers, and other important information
  • Save time (and therefore money) on making updates
  • Post new blogs to recap previous events and share updates about your business
  • Integrate with popular event registration forms
  • Tie in social media feeds to keep your site fresh

Inbound Marketing to Retain Current Members 

  • Create new and fresh content to engage current members
  • Maintain a warm relationship through email marketing 
  • Build your membership through continual storytelling and content.

Digital Marketing for Your Non-Profit Made Easy with efelle

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