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Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies and Other eCommerce Marketing Tactics

When it comes to eCommerce websites, there’s a whole new level of marketing that can be done. Of course, SEO and Pay-Per-Click strategies are a great way to get people to your business, along with inbound marketing. 

That being said… there’s a whole new level of marketing strategies you can take on when dealing with your eCommerce store. Why? There are different problems to be solved, people use your site differently, and it’s your main source of income most of the time.
In a regular store, you get visuals throughout the store, you can create an atmosphere, and you have the chance for human interaction! On your website, it’s a much flatter experience, so you need to create that interaction through other tactics. 

What do we mean by other eCommerce website tactics? 

We’ll share a few of the strategies we take on to optimize your user’s experience and build your business. Each of these work well in different situations for different industries and audiences… interested in learning how it can fit into your business? Scroll down and fill out the form below. 

Optimizing the Checkout for Conversion Rate Optimization

In stores, you don’t often see people get all the way to the register and then just decide “nevermind” and walk away, yet on eCommerce stores, we see an insane number of abandoned carts that happen. Why? Well… we don’t always know but there’s ways to stop it.
Implementing systems like AmazonPay that gives another payment option or Bolt that uses AI to continually optimize checkouts can help decrease abandoned carts. 

Saving Abandoned Carts & Recurring Marketing Options

It’s inevitable that carts will be abandoned, so having a follow-up plan like an abandoned cart saver sequence can help win them back. Once you have someone’s email, you can also use a system like Klaviyo to send unique and targeted emails to your users based on their previous actions, as well as the usual promotional marketing emails. 

Robust Review Platforms to Increase Repeat Customers

One of the biggest factors in human decision making comes down to what others think - one of the reasons reviews are so important to any business. When it comes to eCommerce businesses, you can get much more specific and detailed about your product.
With eCommerce reviews, you can include things like the specific color, size, and even allow pictures to be uploaded for user-generated content. Using a platform like Yotpo, a lot of the heavy lifting is done for you with automated review emails sent out, as well as a streamlined system to get users to respond. 

Bundling & Subscriptions to Increase AOV

Do you have a couple of products that go great together or people frequently buy? Letting users know that through upsells, bundling recommendations, and subscribe and save offers is a great way to increase your average order value and build trust with your customers. 

Gamification & Exit Intent Options

Getting users excited to shop is getting more and more difficult with markets saturating with cheaper or similar items. That’s when options like gamification and exit intent offers can entice users to stay. What is gamification you ask? Gamification creates a game or fun way for users to potentially get something free or a discount on your site; they can spin a wheel, enter their email, and more, to stay on your site.
Exit-intent offers use AI to see when a user is about to leave your site, and before clicking away can bring them back by offering a discount, bringing the user back and saving you the sale. 

Google Shopping to Increase Revenue

Another great way to get people to your site is through Google Shopping tactics that put your products at the top of the search when users look for specific products. There are specific tactics put into place that can help you make it to the top.

How do you decide which marketing strategy is best for you? 

It all comes down to your industry, your goals, and your business needs. We can sit down and look at how your target market is shopping and find the best way to reach them through marketing, keep them on your site through optimization, and keep them happy with continual marketing methods. 

Want to learn more about eCommerce marketing? 

Let’s get in touch. At efelle, we use our experience to help your unique business be the best it can be. Fill out the form and get a custom strategic roadmap today. 

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