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Marketing Your Website with PPC

Pay Per Click Marketing can provide a great way to build your business and fill your funnel with more qualified leads by being found in search engine results. 

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Essentially Pay Per Click marketing is a way of using a search engine to bring people to your website by paying to be one of the first spots.
As simple as that may sound there’s a lot that goes into it based on your bid as well as quality score, which is comprised of your relevance, the page it’s pointing to, and the click-thru-rate. 

Pay Per Click marketing is an effective way to bring people to your site due to the fact that you’re putting your business right where future customers are already searching. 

Is PPC right for your business? 

Pay Per Click can do amazing things for some businesses by building up their visibility to potential clients. You are one of the first to shop up. 

That being said, there are a few things you should consider when it comes to deciding if Pay Per Click is viable for your business: 

  • What’s the CPC for your keywords and is it viable for you to spend that much per lead? 
  • Are the words you’re going for providing high enough traffic for you to be spending money on them? 
  • Ultimately, what’s the ROI on PPC for your business? 

These questions are hard to know the answers to if you aren’t doing your research. At efelle, we run an audit on your current site, digital marketing, and potential keywords to see if Pay Per Click will provide a return on investment for your business. 

How Pay Per Click Works at efelle creative

After we run the audit, we begin implementing your PPC campaigns and re-marketing. From there, we continually manage them for best click through rates, lowest CPC, etc., ultimately targeting sales. Management includes manual bid adjustment, budget management, keyword opportunities and management, visual ad network, and monthly reporting.

Your Account Manager will sit down with you and discuss the results, strategy, and current status of your inbound  marketing tactics. This will be a time for us to look at your current strategy and adjust based on what your projections for the upcoming cycle. 

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