Reputation Management

Acquire Real Customer Reviews To Grow Your Business

Automate, Acquire, and Monitor More Authentic Reviews 

93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. Whether they’re good or bad reviews, they will make a difference in your client or customers buying decisions and until now they’ve felt like something you don’t have control over. 

How Our Review Management Services Work:

  • Use Texts, Emails, and Website CTA’s to Gather Reviews
  • Stream Positive Reviews to Desired Platforms
  • Mitigate Negative Reviews By Speaking with Client Directly
  • Monitor Reviews from a Central Command Center
  • Respond to Reviews From Dashboard
  • Share Reviews on Social Media

With our review management software, we can automatically send out a survey to your current and past clients to ask them about your business. If they’re happy, it will automatically direct them to the review platform of your choice. If they’re unhappy, it will give them a chance to share their experience with you where you have a chance to mend the relationship. 

What to Expect with Reputation Management: 

Increase Better Reviews

Our software application makes it easy to offer an opportunity for customers to review. You can also decide which review platforms you want your customers to be directed to.

Offer an Opportunity to Mend Relationships 

Unfortunately, not everyone will want to leave your company or firm a sparkling review on Facebook or Google. Intercept these unhappy customers so they can vent with you rather than posting online. You may even gain some helpful insights to refine your process!

Monitor Improvement

Our application allows you to track your progress, and adjust which review platforms are displayed to your customers, therefore automatically spreading out your good reviews to multiple channels!

Want to get your reviews on track? 

We're offering a free consultation on your current reviews with one of our digital strategists. Reach out to us via our contact form or call us at 206.384.4909. 

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