Courtenay Adams

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Don't quit your daydream.
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Sometimes Courtenay facilitates projects, but mostly she lives to publish blog posts and edit, write, and rewrite all the things. Consistency makes her happy.



Courtenay was born and raised in the Cold Desolate North (aka Canada) where she earned an MA in History. A generalist at heart, she’s also taken courses in web design, copy editing, business writing, mixology, the French language, and more. She’s been an on-again-off-again freelance writer for years and has been working on the same YA novel for the better part of a decade (she’s hoping for a 2028 publication date).


Courtenay enjoys the following:

  • Playing ultimate Frisbee
  • Writing cheers for ultimate Frisbee teams
  • Captaining ultimate Frisbee teams
  • Putting costumes together for ultimate Frisbee tournaments
  • Attending ultimate Frisbee tournaments
  • Drinking wine

Unique Skill(s)

Solving crossword puzzles and imitating Shakira at karaoke.

Fun Facts

Courtenay was the 2012 Calgary Corporate Challenge Idol winner for Best Vocals. Also, she’s lactose intolerant but great at digesting gluten!

Primary Location

Seattle, WA

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