November, 2010

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Fred Lebhart

eCommerce: Web Design Key in Converting Hits

If your online sales didn?t spike during Cyber Monday, NOW is the time to re-evaluate your website design, the user experience, and likely your eCommerce interface. Many online retailers live by the philosophy ?if it ain?t broke don?t fix it? ? but how do you know if it?s broke? read more

Guest Writer

7 Easy Steps to Great Landing Pages

Landing pages are heavily used to attract customers to where you want them on your website: the sales payment page being the ultimate objective for most ebusinesses. Like everything else in life, there are right ways to go about creating a landing page and a million wrong ways. Creating a good landing page is vital because this is what many first time users are going to see of your web presence, and you cannot afford for it to be the last they see of you! read more

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