February, 2017

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efelle creative Redesigns Mole Patrol's Website


Marc Takeuchi

Mole Patrol is a locally and nationally recognized mole exterminator that has been servicing the Seattle area since 1983. Through extensive research and experimentation, Mole Patrol has taken mole extermination to its highest level. read more

Should You Consider a Mobile-First Website Design?


Jessica Bryant

One of the top design trends of 2017, mobile-first design is a fairly natural next step following a year when mobile browsing officially outpaced desktop usage. Customers are going mobile, marketers know it, and now, web designers are building for that. But what exactly does it mean to build mobile-first, and is it something you should consider? read more

Illumagear Lights the Way With New Website


Adrianna Ovnicek

Illumagear founder Max Baker has knowledge firsthand of the dangers that come with working construction in dangerous areas and also the lack of options to protect and ensure visibility. The solution? A nearly indestructible, cordless LED lit halo... read more

Your Blog Probably Doesn't Need Comments


Colin Griffiths

News networks, blogs, and online magazines have experimented with editing or changing the way they do comments; some have even gotten rid of comment sections altogether. And yet, some content marketing evangelists still swear by comments on blogs. Does your blog need comments—and why do some people still tout them? read more

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