February, 2012

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Fred Lebhart

5 Reasons Homebuilders Should Market Their Homes Online

When it comes to promoting new homes, homebuilders have an array of advertising methods to choose from, including magazine ads, newspaper ads, flyers, and online advertising platforms. Print ads have long been the preferred advertising method for homebuilders, but the times are changing. Online marketing has become hands down the most effective way for homebuilders to promote their listings, and here's why read more

efelle media

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

The web is no longer limited to desktop computers. An increasing number of consumers are using their mobile devices to access the internet. As a business owner with a website, this means that you need to address whether your website's mobile user experience is up to par. Here are some factors to consider when launching a mobile website for your business. read more

efelle media

Google's Venice Search Engine Update

Google Venice update showing locally targeted organic results; Google is rolling out the Venice update this week and has buried the information in a long list of 40 algorithm changes. In reality Venice is a really major change to how they show results and one that probably took a huge amount of work. read more

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