January, 2015

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How Mindful Is Your Marketing? Truly Connecting with Your Audience


Rheena Stirm

If you're marketing to the high tech sector, the marketing tactics that work so well for most demographics could be your undoing. Those in the tech industry are bombarded with marketing messages to the point they have become not just blind and deaf to them, but often disdainful of them. If you want your products to win a share of this audience, your marketing must truly connect. read more

Are You Focusing on the Right Metrics? What Really Matters in Web Marketing


Fred Lebhart

Sometimes, we get so obsessed with metrics that we forget to focus on the ones that really matter. On the web, popularity certainly brings visitors, but that doesn't necessarily translate into leads, or our ultimate goal – sales. Focusing your marketing on the right market will generate more leads and sales for your marketing dollars. read more

Fitness Blender's Fully Custom, Redesigned Website is Live -now with even MORE fitness!


Kiley Martin

Fitness Blender came to efelle looking for a completely customized solution. The Segars were looking to allow for a more customizable experience for their followers. This solution included building out a personal calendar system that would allow users to create a free account to control their own workout calendar by adding videos to specific days, saving their favorite workouts... read more

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