April, 2011

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Fred Lebhart

In Site Website SEO Techniques

What you should know about in-site linking on your business website: What are in site links? Quite simply, they're links from one page to another in your site. Without that, there?s no way for an end user to navigate through your site and no way for your site to be indexed without it. read more

Jessica Bryant

Designing An Effective Call-to-action

Whether you have an eCommerce website, blog, or informational website, an effective call-to-action is essential; it provides focus to the site and directs the visitor as to what it is you?d like them to do. With only a few short seconds to impress upon a visitor to stay and investigate your website, a clear call-to-action warrants careful planning and consideration. read more

Amanda Eldreth

Keeping Internal Marketing Afloat

Tips and strategies for keeping internal marketing and social media afloat while you're focused on helping clients manage their own. We're sharing some shortcuts and tips to combining industry and client interaction with internal marketing. read more

Fred Lebhart

NonProfit web design launching soon

Non-Profit web design looks to create exposure for local environmental education group - Seattle web design firm Efelle Media continues it's work with local environmental efforts. read more

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