October, 2013

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Seattle Staffing Company Parker Services' New Website Redesign Goes Live!


Colin Griffiths

Parker services was looking to give their website a much needed facelift and enable potential candidates to have easy access to their variety of open positions in a clean and simple format. Additionally, Parker wished to highlight the information that contractors and clients would be seeking when opting to use their services. read more

5 Reasons Small Law Firms Should Consider Improving their Website


Leif Parcell

Gone are the days when small law firms and solo practitioners could simply practice law and expect to attract a steady stream of clients through referrals and Yellow Page ads. In addition to a lower demand for services, small law firms face increased competition and a changing marketing landscape. Search engines, social media, and mobile technology have essentially rebooted online marketing for lawyers as we know it. Below are 5 reasons why small law firms and solo practitioners need to step up their marketing game. read more

Boost Your Web Marketing Strategy with Infographics


Jessica Bryant

Infographics have steadily gained popularity over the past five or six years, primarily due to sharing on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They entice Internet audiences to share them by delivering clear, concise and fast information in a fun format. The popularity of infographics has made them an important part of any web marketing strategy. read more

System Update: Order Overview & Batch Features


Amanda Eldreth

Four new interfaces have been added to our new Payments module. You can now find orders that need attention more easily, search for orders with the new improved filtering system, run batch captures, and create multiple invoices. read more

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