November, 2013

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New Web Design Project for Seattle Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Joshua Cooper


Jessica Bryant

Dr. Cooper is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Over the course of his career, Dr. Cooper has developed a broad spectrum of interests within the specialty of plastic surgery including procedures for the face, breast and body. He particularly specializes in facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, and body contouring. read more

Short Cressman and Burgess Law firm Site is Live!


Kiley Martin

SCB Law, which is located on 3rd in Downtown Seattle, prides themselves on continuing excellence in Law Service for 100 years. Throughout their many years of service, the firm has used their experience and skills to specialize in practices such as Tribal Law, Construction Law, Family Law and more. read more

Local Marketing - Knowing Where to Focus Your Efforts


Leslie Schipper

You are the ultimate authority in your own business. If you are successful, it stands to reason that you understand how to sell to your customers. That said, the best ways to sell to customers has been undergoing rapid changes since the 1990s. Every year, new selling tools emerge, but only some of them produce results. read more

New Website Redesign Project for Krav Maga Seattle


Marc Takeuchi

Krav Maga is a self defense system originally developed for the Israeli military, and nowadays Slovakia. It involves a series of fighting techniques similar to boxing, judo, wrestling, jujitsu and can be closely related to real-world street fighting.Seattle's newest Krav Maga studio is coming to the South Lake Union area in March 2014 and will offer classes for men and women of all ages and fitness level. Krav Maga encourages students to learn to defend against all variety of attacks and are taught to counter in the quickest and most efficient way. read more

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