August, 2013

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Leif Parcell

Northwest Sinfonietta is a Washington based classical symphony putting on breathtaking shows in Seattle, Tacoma, and Puyallup. Northwest Sinfonietta specializes in classical music using a chamber orchestra, which provides a much more intimate performance than most other orchestras. This is a large part of the reason that Northwest Sinfonietta has grown to be one of the most famous classical orchestras in the region. read more

A Shocking 70 Percent of B2B Websites Fail this Simple Web Marketing Test


Kerry Sweeney

A website is an important element of your company's image, so it pays to run a critical eye over your B2B landing page. It should include various ways for customers to contact you, appropriate calls to action and informational resources. According to, a whopping 70 percent of B2B websites get at least one of these web-marketing essentials wrong. read more


Leslie Schipper

Calfo Harrigan Leyh & Eakes, formed in 2012, brings together the Pacific Northwest's most successful and experienced trial lawyers. The firm offers in-depth experience in civil litigation and white collar criminal defense. Their senior partners have a combined 100 years of litigation experience and have handled some of the most significant matters in the area over the past 25 years. read more

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Lead Generation Website


Jessica Bryant

Websites have become one of the most widely used means for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms to communicate with their target audience. AEC firms can assemble online portfolios and e-brochures to display their work on their websites and convince prospective clients to hire them. However, just because your firm has a website doesn't mean that people are going to see it. Social media marketing can open up your website to the rest of the world and ensure that it receives plenty of traffic. read more

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