June, 2012

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Rheena Stirm

Law Firm Blogging Tips

Blogging helps attorneys improve their websites' search engine rankings, attract new clients, keep their websites up-to-date, and provide valuable content to clients and potential clients. According to a survey carried out by HubSpot, 57% of respondents reported that they have acquired customers through their company blogs. To make the most of your legal blogging efforts, keep these 7 tips in mind: read more

Fred Lebhart

Professional Law Firm Websites: Why They Are Worth It

Most law firms and attorneys have some sort of business website already in place. But is it a true, comprehensive solution to your Internet marketing needs? In the legal industry, client acquisition can be expensive and time consuming. But a well-designed legal website can be one of the most powerful marketing tools to assist you. Does your law firm website design include the following? read more

Fred Lebhart

What Google's Penguin Update Means for Small Business SEO

On April 24, 2012, Google launched one of its biggest attacks on web spam, known as the Penguin Update. With this update, Google made it clear that it would not tolerate any form website SEO that isn't 100% ethical and white hat. Small business websites that lost most of their site traffic because of the Penguin Update might bounce back if they fix underlying problems and wait until Google's next update rolls out. But even if your small business website wasn't affected by the Penguin Update, there are several things you can do to stay ahead of the curve. read more

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