November, 2012

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Amanda Eldreth

Increase your ROI through affiliate sales

If you are running an ecommerce website and are looking for more ways to distribute your products to potential clients, you?ll be happy to hear about the latest and greatest developments fresh from the EM labs. Now you can offer all your products through external websites using our new affiliate program! If your site is using our ecommerce system, there is an upgrade available that integrates a full-featured affiliate program directly into your site. read more

Colin Griffiths

Social Media for Architects

Tech-savvy architects are using the Internet to connect with like-minded folks, gain a reputation as thought leaders, and of course, attract leads and clients. Every architect should be aware of social media as a lead generation tool. Social media can help you communicate information about your past and ongoing projects as well as spread awareness about your architecture firm, so you're not completely reliant on referrals for business. read more

Kerry Sweeney

Why You Shouldn't Put Off Your Website Redesign

Redesigning your company's website is important, but it may get delayed because it's expensive, time-consuming, complicated, and what not. But putting off your company's website redesign is a huge mistake because it can hurt your business and your bottom line in many ways. Below are just some reasons why you should promptly redesign your website. read more

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