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GDPR—What Is It and How Does It Affect Your Business?


Amanda Eldreth

GDPR—or General Data Protection Regulation—refers to new rules set by the European Union around the data collection and analysis of its residents' online activity. GDPR goes into effect this month and because of the global nature of the World Wide Web, all businesses with an online presence—regardless of their HQ's location—need to be mindful of how they're treating website visitor data. read more

Ecommerce integration added to FusionCMS


Amanda Eldreth

We recently expanded our Google Analytics integration, adding the option to track ecommerce transactions through your analytics account. By enabling this option, completed ecommerce transactions are automatically sent to Google Analytics... read more

If your website doesn't have these seven things, you're missing out.


Amanda Eldreth

Sure, you want your website to look great. It might even have some bells and whistles to give it a personal touch. But web design and development is just as much a science as it is an art and it takes a lot more than a pretty façade to pull real weight. That's where the technology driving your site and the skill of your developers come into play. read more

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