April, 2014

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New Sound Plastic Surgery Website is Live


Kiley Martin

Sound Plastic Surgery is a Seattle-based Plastic Surgery clinic with two board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Joshua Cooper and Dr. Scott Sattler. Both surgeons are extremely experienced and specialize in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. The clinic also offers the very latest in injectable and non-surgical treatments to improve patient's appearance and... read more

Think about It: Advertising is a Line, Content Marketing is a Circle


Colin Griffiths

Although traditional advertising still has a place in today's digital world, content marketing is quickly proving its value. For many years, content simply had to be present. But competition means it's becoming harder and harder to create and distribute engaging content. Because not everyone has the talent for it, great content marketing can offer huge advantages over traditional advertising. read more

How to Market Your Own Business' Marketing


Fred Lebhart

After creating amazing web content, companies often consider it the end of their promotional efforts when it's really just the beginning. They treat content creation and social media as two different things, but these two tactics go hand in hand. read more

Blab Predicts is Live!


Kiley Martin

Blab has created a platform that allows businesses to predict -up to 72 hours in advance- which social media conversations are going to be important. Giving clients the ability to steer trending content has allowed each of Blab's clients to consistently be one step ahead. Blab's unprecedented approach to conversation categorization and patterning gives marketers game changing consumer insights and predictive social intelligence. With an experienced and diverse staff, Blab plans to make an even greater impact in the technology world. read more

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